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The Focus Of The Foundation Is To Provide Funding For Projects That Would Not Be Possible Through Traditional Funding

Helen Hayes Hospital has been here for over one 120 years, responding to the needs of very special patients. Founded in 1900 by Dr. Newton Shaffer, it was the first freestanding state operated hospital dedicated to the treatment of individuals with physical disabilities.

Since its establishment, Helen Hayes Hospital has continued to evolve and reinvent itself to meet the needs of its very special patients.

  • 1900 tuberculosis epidemic
  • 1920s polio in children
  • 1944 polio epidemic: adults and children
  • 1960s congenital abnormalities and children with cerebral palsy

"Yesterday is a beautiful reflection. Today is a new beginning. Tomorrow is a limitless possibility."

Karen Tribett

Since that time, services include physical rehabilitation from strokes, spinal cord and brain injury, amputation and other orthopedic diagnoses.

Helen Hayes MacArthur, First Lady of the American Theater, became involved with the hospital and in 1944 was appointed to the Board of Visitors. In 1974 the hospital was named for this great lady.

Since those early years, the hospital has continued to evolve to meet the most complex of challenges and still remain relevant. The name, the buildings and the technology have changed, but we remain dedicated to our patients addressing their unique needs and celebrating their achievements.

Through you generous contributions and unwavering support, the Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation has been able to purchase high tech equipment, provide departmental grants, educational programs and build a state of the art Smart Apartment with cutting edge communicative technology.

As a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, it is our sole mission to address the needs of Helen Hayes Hospital that are not met by traditional funding.

Recent Projects

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    Pediatric Outpatient Indoor Therapeutic Gym

    The Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation was awarded a generous grant from the Pediatric Hospital Support Program of Starlight Children’s Foundation® NY*NJ*CT. The grant was used to build a therapeutic indoor activity gym and provide Nintendo Wii and Touch2Play gaming units at the hospital. The Helen Hayes Hospital Outpatient Pediatric Treatment Program treats children with cerebral […]

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    Herbert & Edythe Kurz Accessible Playground

    The Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation and Helen Hayes Hospital have officially opened the Herbert and Edythe Kurz Accessible Playground.  Located on the campus of the physical rehabilitation hospital in West Haverstraw, this new playground has been made possible by a grant from the Kurz Family Foundation of Piermont, New York. The Herbert and Edythe Kurz […]

  • alter-g-2460

    Anti-Gravity Treadmill

    The AlterG ® Anti-Gravity Treadmill is considered to be one of the most exciting technological inventions in the Orthopedic Physical Therapy world in over 20 years! It can be used in the adult, geriatric, and even pediatric populations and it helps patients regain strength, range of motion, mobility, balance and independence. This machine is used […]

  • bertec-balance-9948

    Smart Balance Master

    Balance issues affect thousands of people, including individuals with spinal cord and brain injuries, MS and stroke, as well as those with cardiac and orthopedic conditions. They cause falls, concussions and other disabling accidents and often impede a patients’ progress in rehabilitation. Using Immersive Virtual Reality, we can replicate the visual environment so the patient […]

  • Re-Walk

    Exoskleleton Device

    Imagine someone not being able to walk for years and then suddenly a groundbreaking piece of equipment comes along and allows that person to walk again. That is what the ReWalk is capable of and HHH is one of a select few rehab facilities nationwide utilizing this state-or-the-art equipment. The ReWalk© began in Israel and […]

  • Ramon Panel Brochure 3805

    Smart Apartment

    WELCOME TO THE SMART APARTMENT Advancing Life, Inspiring Independance From the time you cross the threshold of the Helen Hayes Hospital Smart Apartment, you’ll see high tech innovations in a home-like setting. The Smart Apartment is an interactive model that replicates a typical home, but with one very important difference: it is equipped with an […]


    Adaptive Sports

    Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation provides “Smart Technology for Para Athletes” and other adaptive sports programs at Helen Hayes Hospital, including adapted golf carts, which allows disabled golfers the opportunity to stand up and meet the challenges of the sport both recreationally, and competitively. From sailing to cycling and golf to gardening, the HHH Adapted Sports […]

  • HHHF-Neilsen-banner-ad

    Adaptive Driving Van

    This customized van is designed for individuals who have physical or cognitive problems that may affect their ability to drive safely. Helen Hayes Hospital offers a program that is available to licensed drivers who have suffered a neurological event such as a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, MS, or dementia or who have orthopedic […]