Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Anti-gravity treadmill

The AlterG ® Anti-Gravity Treadmill is considered to be one of the most exciting technological inventions in the Orthopedic Physical Therapy world in over 20 years! It can be used in the adult, geriatric, and even pediatric populations and it helps patients regain strength, range of motion, mobility, balance and independence. This machine is used by all the departments at Helen Hayes Hospital and again puts the hospital on the cutting edge of rehabilitation technology.

At Helen Hayes Hospital, we harness the power of the AlterG Antigravity Treadmill ® to lighten the load of weight-bearing activity, helping individuals regain mobility, develop strength and fitness, and increase range of motion, while minimizing stress on their injuries.

The Alter-G © Antigravity Treadmill ® uses innovative, patented NASA technology that can reduce an individual’s body weight from 100% to as low as 20% of the user’s weight in 1% increments.  This “unweighting” is achieved by gently filling up a chamber fitted around the user’s midsection with air to the user’s desired body weight, resulting in a treadmill experience described by users as “running on air” or “walking on the moon.” Users are securely contained in the treadmill’s adjustable air chamber, allowing for a fall-safe environment.

The AlterG Antigravity Treadmill ® can be used as a physical therapy aid for individuals who have had an injury or surgery on a lower extremity or a total joint replacement. It can also aid in gait training and strengthening for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions. The AlterG provides all of these therapies in a fall-safe, weight-reduced environment, providing injury prevention while also increasing strength, balance, and mobility.