Smart Apartment


Advancing Life, Inspiring Independance


From the time you cross the threshold of the Helen Hayes Hospital Smart Apartment, you’ll see high tech innovations in a home-like setting. The Smart Apartment is an interactive model that replicates a typical home, but with one very important difference: it is equipped with an array of assistive technology that enables individuals with disabilities to control their surroundings.

The Smart Apartment door opens access to the world of technology that re-connects individuals living with disabilities with the outside world, facilitating communication with family, friends and colleagues and automating control over the environment. The ability to blink an eye enables you to write a message on the computer, turn on the lights in a room, and video interact with loved ones. Your voice turns on the television, controls the room temperature and lowers the shades. Suddenly, a world that was once remote is within command.

This state-of-the-art interactive Smart Apartment located on the hospital campus, the first of its kind, gives patients and community members the opportunity to experience a variety of devices that may help them live autonomously in their own homes.

The Smart Apartment consists of a great room, kitchen, bedroom, bath and laundry area; all are designed to be universally accessible and to incorporate both high and low-tech modifications and solutions to everyday living. The integrated technology can help individuals with all levels of disability. The model environment allows physical, occupational, and speech therapists, as well as assistive technologists, to work with patients one-on-one, identifying and customizing the most appropriate technology to meet the individual’s goals.


Because no one single solution works for all, having an array of technologies embedded in the Smart Apartment’s environment is a great asset. Commercial products including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, PC’s and customized programmable remote controls are just a sample of the devices utilized.

  • Increased safety, security and comfort at home
  • Automation of lighting, temperature controls, and other ambient functions
  • Control of home entertainment systems, computers, mobile devices, and phone systems
  • Automation of door and window operations, appliances, etc.
  • Facilitate communication



The Sound of Voice

Door W-Mic 694

Speaking commands into a hand-held or lapel mic automates control of the front door, lights, blinds and other devices.

From opening doors and lowering blinds, to turning on the television and turning off the lights, the Smart Apartment provides multiple options to help advance independence.

  • Front door entrance view, intercom, lock and unlock
  • Window blinds
  • Ceiling and table lights
  • Ceiling fans
  • Temperature control (Heat/AC)


The Power of Touch

Harness 3984

The Smart Apartment is built to adapt to your needs and give you control over your environment. From alarm systems and computer access, to bed positioning and television control, you can determine all aspects of your home surroundings.

  • Emergency alert system
  • Alarm system
  • Bed positioning
  • Television mount/tilt
  • Computer access
  • Entertainment System
  • Phone system
  • Outdoor camera


The Press of a Button

Cooking 382

The Smart Apartment hosts a variety of features that are accessible to everyone. Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or dining room, the Smart Apartment demonstrates how a home can be universally accessible.

  • Intercom
  • Computer table
  • Lift system
  • Closet rod/lift system
  • Roll-in shower
  • Kitchen hi-lo touch-screen computer Standard and wheelchair accessible kitchen and laundry


The Blink of an Eye

Computer 498

The Smart Apartment was created to defy limitations, which is why it provides many different methods of access. Users can experiment with each until they find the method right for them.

  • Direct selection by hand or pointer
  • Wheelchair-integrated controls
  • Hands-free selection via
  • Eye tracking
  • Head tracking
  • Voice recognition
  • Scanning




The Smart Apartment gives individuals who have sustained catastrophic spinal cord and brain injuries, debilitating strokes, and disabling diseases such as ALS and multiple sclerosis, the capacity to lead productive and independent lives like never before.


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